Note: This guide also covers the following Epson printer models:

Workforce 1100

This guide also uses a number of images derived from the R1900 guide as the printer case/structure is identical to the B1100.

The original guide (see below) has since been replaced by our video guide:


OK… here are the step by step instructions fitting a Solo+2 waste kit to a compatible printer.

Remove front panel stage #1

Removing Front Panel

Ultimately you want to remove the side panel to access the waste tubes but there are two stages to tackle before you can do this.

The first is the right side front panel which can be released by:

  • Applying pressure to the inside edge
  • While maintaining pressure easing the panel forward
  • Once the internal tabs have released their hold, ease the panel top forward
  • Now lift the panel forward, up and out and put somewhere safe.
Gently ease top of panel out and forward to remove
Remove the screws in the back plate

Release Back Panel

The back panel also holds the side panel in position so you will need to release this enough to free the side panel.

To complete this step you need to:

  • Remove the screws indicated (See 3. left)
  • Gently ease the left* side of the panel back so the tabs are free from the side panel  (See 4. left)
    Note: You do not need to completely remove the back panel.

* “left” when as seen from back of printer

Release the back plate so the tabs are out at the left (from back) side
Release the front tabs

Release Side Panel

This part of the operation is the trickiest due to the fragile nature of the tabs holding the front edge of the side panel to the case.

A few things to note:

  1. The panel releases UPWARDS
  2. There are internal tabs that cannot be reached
  3. Patience is required or you’re going to regret it

So, to complete the panel removal you need to:

  • VERY gently apply some upward pressure to the top inside edge (See 6. left)
  • Use a flat edge (eg: watchmaker screwdriver) to gently ease the front tabs forwards and off the bottom of the retaining lugs. (See 5. left)
  • Once the tabs are released you should feel the panel start to pull free so gently encourage this up and out.
Gently lift the side panel (watch the front!) to release internal tabs
B1100 Side Panel Removed

Accessing and Releasing the Waste Tubes

You should now see the waste tubes (as per image# 8. left).

You will need to release the flexible grey tube from the RIGHT mount point and this will then be connected to your tube extension later.

IMPORTANT: Counter to other printer models the waste tube running from the BACK of the printer is the one connected to the pump. This BACK tube is the one you want to disconnect… Yes Really!

To release:

  1. Press the two scissor like ends of the wire clamps together and slide towards the front of the printer
  2. Carefully pull the grey tube towards the back of the printer off the clear mounted tube

IMPORTANT: Take your time with this stage and work the tube free carefully!

B1100 Waste tube pre-installation
Correct tube connected and temp fix

Waste Tube Connected

Ok, at this point the image (#9 left) shows you a temporary hack/fix for a B1100 that allows the waste kit to be installed without drilling holes or replacing the side panel.

Unfortunately until I get hold of more images (or a B1100 myself) the best I can suggest from this point on is ways to finish the installation.

Note: the image (#9 left) shows the tubing curving without folding or crimping which is vitally important (See below)

Drill case and insert the primary waste tube

Suggested Installation

You can drill a hole in the back (or the front) and run a tube through to connect with the printers waste tube.

Tip: Remember the hole needs to be below the side panels position when it is replaced.

IMPORTANT: Whatever you do, make sure the waste tube curves properly and does not crimp or fold as this would stop the ink from flowing properly and result in a backflow/soiling of the printhead.

Tube extended out of the printer (All Done)


With the tubing fitted you now reinstall the case panels in reverse order. However remember to attach the side panel carefully so the waste tubes are not caught, crimped, folded or otherwise in a way that would stop waste ink flow.

Attach your waste tank and you are good to go.

Resetting the Waste Ink Counter

These printer models are compatible with the WICReset Utility (key purchase required) 

Remember: The most up to date information on reset utilities will be available via the QuickFind tool.

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