The XP-520, XP-530 and XP-540 are printer designs that mirror the earlier XP-500 and more expensive XP-600 upward models. But  Epson decided to hobble with waste pads that were 50% of the capacity compared to their siblingm models. The XP-520 to 540 are still able to accept the full size pads that fit other XP500 to XP860 models however.

As such our Printer Pad kits provide the full pad capacity available to the printer and allow end-users to use two reset keys per pad set, effectively giving the printer two additional lives per pad set.

Printer Pads (XP2 – XP520 to XP-540 models)

As noted above the pads provided in this set are double capacity compared to the OEM/Original waste pad that this printer was manufactured with. The pads will fit the pad holder and will allow the printer to live two additional lives per pad set.

The guide covers:

  • Disassembly of the printer
  • Removal of the pad holder
  • Removal and replacement of the pads in the pad holder.
  • Reassembly of the printer

The video for this can be found on YouTube here:

OEM Part Refs (Compatible porous pad holders):

  • 1612118 (standard part)

Printer Pad kits shown in the video are available via:

Printer Potty (XP2)

The XP2 Printer Potty kit is the first waste ink solution we provided for the XP-520 to 540 and is a great idea for anyone looking to keep their printer working for decades rather than the extra year or two. The kit provides all the parts for collecting the waste ink in an external tank which makes it easier to dispose of without the need to disassemble the printer each time the pads need changing.

Detailed instructions for fitting the kit are provided, in printed form, with this product although video instructions of the process should be made available sometime in the next few months (early 2023).

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