The Epson CX3200 is surprisingly like the R300 with a minor change in the way the trapdoor is mounted.

Instead of the screw securing it being to the bottom of the trap door, it’s located perpendicular and at the top of the trap door. Not exactly rocket science.

Inside things are a little different as Epson have opted to include a small removeable white plastic cover which sits over a small absorbent pad.

As shown in the picture left you can also easily see the waste ink tube leading from the front of the printer as it turns and disappears under the cover and pad.

As you can guess the plastic cover is easy to remove with your fingers (or a pair of tweezers) or you can simply leave it in place as it doesn’t apply any pressure on the pad or waste ink tube.
Removing the waste ink tube is simply a case of gently pulling the tube out from under the white pad/plastic cover to the right of the of trap door opening.

Remember: You do not want to pull the tube off the pump at the front of the printer so be careful as you gently pull the tube out as shown by the green arrow in the picture (left).

Once the tube is free you can then notch the trapdoor as with most other kits and attach your external waste ink kit.


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