This modification is equally applicable to the Epson Stylus Photo 1280

There has been a reasonably useful guide for modifying this printer on InkRepublic but unfortunately it was a bit too easy to try to identify and remove the wrong waste tube end.

As the original images belong to Ink Republic you will still need to refer to the original guide here:

… but the images below should ensure you identify the correct waste tube.


The WRONG tube

Images 1 & 2 shown left, indicate the tube to leave alone as this is connected to the cleaning/resting pad.


The Right Tube

Image 3, shows you the waste tube when you view it from the right side so it’s a lot easier to identify here.

But, as you can see in Image 4, it’s easy to get mixed up when viewed from above so care needs to be taken.

Back to Ink Republic

While I appreciate this is not ideal, the original installation does cover all the other bases really well.

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