Note: This printer is physically, exactly the same to the Epson Stylus R250


The R240 is one of the “trapdoor” type of printer so really this guide is just a reinforcement of other guides like the R300, R220, etc.. That said the printer design is subtly different enough that locating the waste tube is a bit trickier for the uninitiated.

This guide though will give you everything you need to get it up and working.

The trapdoor (access hatch) found at the back of the printer

The Trapdoor (Access hatch)

As with the much later R285, this printer has a small catch at the top which requires a thin flat blade screwdriver (or similar) to slide in, push down and back to open.

Once the trapdoor is open you should see the start of the waste pads behind and below the open hatch.

Trapdoor/hatch removed
Locating the waste tube to the left of the open hatch

Locating the Waste Tube

The waste tube is located to the far left of the access hatch.

It is a clear tube with a green stripe running down the length.

The tube once it has been released

Releasing the Waste Tube

To release the free end of the waste tube you need to use something like bent paper clip or a pair of long needle nose pliers to gently pull the tube up and left.

This will slowly pull the tube out from under the waste pad in front of the hatch opening until you have it poking out of the hatch (as shown in the image, left).

IMPORTANT: The other end of the tube is attached to the waste pump and must stay attached to this.
You must NOT pull the tube off the pump so be very careful to release the correct end of the tube!

Connect waste tubes together

Connect to the Waste Kit tubing

Assuming you have a Waste Ink Kit from OctoInkjet you now plug the connector into the open end of the printers waste tube (as shown left)

Prepare the trapdoor so the tube can exit

Modifying the Trapdoor

The trapdoor will need modifying so the tube can exit the printer properly. It’s also important because the connector remains inside the printer and provides a safety stop. This ensures that the waste tube will not be pulled off the pump if someone pulls the waste tube.

All you need to do is notch/cut a small section of the plastic from the corner (as shown left) so the tube can exit. Make sure it’s large enough for the tube to exit but small enough that the barbed connector cannot.

Position the tube so it can exit without folding or crimping the tube

Positioning the tube and replacing the trapdoor

Before you replace the trapdoor, make sure the tube can be positioned properly so the connector is inside and the waste tube does not fold or kink.

IMPORTANT: Any kinking or folding of the tube will restrict ink flow to the waste tank so make sure the tube bends gently and is in the correct position.

Replace trapdoor The image (left) shows how things should look with the connector inside the printer, and the trapdoor replaced.
All finished


Now you just connect your waste tank to the end of the tubing and then test the kit is working (if you haven’t already).

You are now ready to reset and use your printer again

Resetting the waste ink counter

The R240 and R250 are not supported by the SSC utility or the Epson IPR.

There are AdjProg utilities that will reset this printer but searching is required to locate a copy. For speed, use of the WICReset utility is recommended however.


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