We will have two different guides for this series of printers so please choose the correct one below:

  • Printer Potty (external waste ink kit) Installation Instructions.
  • Printer Pads (internal waste ink pad) Replacement Instructions.

Printer Potty :: External Waste ink kit installation

This video guide shows the process for installing an LX2 Printer Potty kit on the ET-2710 and similar design Ecotank printers.

The process completely removes the waste pad holder and replaces it with the Printer Potty external waste ink tank as shown.


Printer Pads :: Waste ink pads replacement instructions


These guides cover these printer models (list may not be comprehensive):

  • ET2710, ET2711, ET2712, ET2714, ET2715
  • ET2720, ET2721, ET2726
  • ET2800, ET2810, ET2811, ET2812, ET2814, ET2815
  • ET2820, ET2821, ET2826
  • ET4700, ET4800
  • L1110
  • L3100, L3110, L3111
  • L3150, L3160, L3165, L3166


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