The XP2 Printer Pad set is designed to fit and replace the waste pads in Epson inkjet printers from the XP-500 to the XP-860 and we’ve been working hard to add new resources to help explain how to use and install them.

The pad holders themselves are OEM parts ref: 

  • 1611102 (XP500 – XP860)
  • 1610132 (XP605, 615, etc… )
  • 1612118 (XP510)

While we continue to include printed instruction guides with the Printer Pad and Printer Potty sets we’ve also been focusing our efforts on creating video guides that show the process for installation too and you can find these as follow:

Printer Pad Instructions

NB: If you are looking for instructions for the XP-510 please visit this page instead as the printer differs significantly

The video below shows the XP-645 and covers:

  • Disassembly of the printer
  • Removal of the pad holder
  • Removal and replacement of the pads in the pad holder.
  • Reassembly of the printer

While the XP-645 is shown the colour and design are virtually identical for the XP-500 and the XP-600 to 860 models.

Printer Potty (external waste ink kit) Instructions

A video guide of this process is being currently being created and will be available in the near future. Please note that the Printer Potty XP2 external waste ink kit does include printed instructions with detail the installation process so you are still able to purchase and install these using that resource in the interim.


Legacy content/instruction sets

This video shows a detailed run through on how to replace the waste ink pads in one of the following porous pad assemblies (pad holders) NB: It doesn’t show the disassembly or re-assembly processes for the different printer models (instructions for both are with the kits)

Printer Pad kits shown in the video are available:

One of our customers actually did a video on the fitting process and while there’s a few in accuracies it’s still a very useful resource if you need it.

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