The XP-900, XP-950 and XP-960 printers are supported by our Printer Potty (external waste ink kit) and Printer Pad products with instructions on how to install each provided in the guides linked below.

Printer Pads (XP4)

The XP4 Printer Pad set is supported by our video installation guide for the XP-950, 900 and 960 Epson inkjet printers which covers

  • How to replace the waste ink pads in porous pad assembly (pad holders)
  • How to remove and replace the pad holder from/into the printer
  • … and tips for avoiding ink spills and more…

The video can be found here:

OEM Part Refs (Compatible porous pad holders):

  • 1607470

Printer Pad kits shown in the video are available:

Printer Potty (XP4)

The XP4 Printer Potty kit is our original waste ink solution for the XP900 series of Epson printers and provides an external waste ink tank that collects waste ink in the tank making it reusable and perfect for printer owners who have the space and want a long term re-usable solution to the waste ink issue.

Instructions for fitting are available on YouTube below:

These kits are available for purchase via:

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