The process of taking apart a printer can be a particularly daunting one even if it’s just a few screws and a panel or two but the following tips for making the process less painful should help.


Quick Introduction

Tabs or clips are the small bits of moulded plastic that are integrated into the various plastic panels and other parts that hold the panels in place. Newer printers in particular tend to use recycled plastics which are increasingly thin and brittle making them much more prone to breakage so care is needed when handling them.

R1900/R2000/R2880 side panel

Tab release - tips

Front tabs

The tabs on the side panel for these printers are particularly troublesome so if you come across these or ones like them this tip is quite useful.

When releasing the three front tabs of the side panel as each tab is eased place a small slip of paper between tab and case. This stops the tab sliding back into position while you’re dealing with the next one

Side panel - inner tabs(R1900, etc..) Side tabs

As with the front tabs these have a nasty habit of re-engaging while you’re trying to get the next one released so.

When a gap has been created, insert a flat rigid object (e.g. a plastic ruler) between the inner case and side panel where it will  prevent the tabs re-engaging whilst you attempt to lift and remove the side panel.



With thanks to Lionel Smith for submitting these useful suggestions

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