If your printer has a Continuous Ink Supply system (CISs) installed already then a few things to bear in mind before you installed your Printer Potty.

First thing to determine is whether your printers design means you will need to access to the underside of the printer. This information will be available with your waste kit installation instructions.

If your printer requires the printer to be lifted, or even flipped, to fit a Printer Potty then we would strongly recommend that you temporarily uninstall your CIS system before commencing the installation.

Your CIS manufacturer/supplier will be the best source for directions on how to do this but a few basic steps include:

  • Close any vent holes on your CIS ink reservoirs using the plugs supplied with your CIS kit
  • Remove the cartridges/buffers from the printhead & tape the outlets on each temporarily using electrical tape
  • Remove/Release tubing from any clamp/clips holding the CIS system to the printer
  • Prepare a safe surface for the CIS system to be stored
    Note: It will need to protect the surface and catch any ink leakage that might escape the system
  • Move the CIS system to your prepared safe surface
  • Install the Printer Potty as per instructions
  • Reinstall the CIS system, tubing clamps, etc…
  • Remember to remove the vent plugs on the reservoir


Why Bother?

The reason we recommend this approach is because not only is it inherently hazardous to move a printer around while a big reservoir of ink is attached, but also because CIS systems are pressure sensitive. Lifting the reservoir, tipping the printer or anything that adjusts the level of the cartridges/reservoirs will result in ink moving in or out of the printhead. Ink being forced into the printhead soils the underside and caused cross contamination with other colours. Ink being drawn out of the printhead introduces air into the nozzles and takes time and wastes ink to clear out.

In short… It’s worth it…

The good news is that you only ever need to do this once.

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