The process of taking apart a printer can be a particularly daunting one even if it’s just a few screws and a panel or two but the following tips for making the process less painful should help.


Use the right tools for the job

Seems blindingly obvious because it is but frequently there’s an “it’ll do” approach to undoing screws with any old head.

Potential Problem:
If you use the wrong driver/head you could easily strip the head and be forced to drill the head out.

Check the screwdriver/head is the correct type and size BEFORE you use it.

Screws in tight?

Place one hand on rear corner of case and press down whilst firmly engaging screwdriver in the head and pushing on driver handle whilst exerting pressure as if tightening the screw.

How it works:
This technique helps break the mechanical bonding between screw and plastic so that when driver is turned to undo the screw releases more easily.

Refitting self-taping screws

Note: Self-taping screws are the type that cut their hole as they are screwed in.

It is a good idea to ‘find‘ the original cut thread in the plastic by inserting screw and, whilst exerting light inward pressure, turn it counter-clockwise until you feel the screw move inwards slightly. Now turn clockwise to tighten the screw.

This technique is particularly useful when the receiving plastic fitting is a slim column which may split apart if the screw is reinserted such that it tries to cut a new path.


With thanks to Lionel Smith for submitting these useful suggestions

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