If you have an Epson printer between the XP-500 and XP-860* then your printer contains waste ink pads known as a Porous Pad Assembly which can be replaced using one of the official part references:

Each of these has a plastic part which holds the pads and if you know where to look you can find these available.

Printer Potty has developed a product called PrinterPads which makes use of the original plastic pad holder, cutting down the waste and making it a lot cheaper to dispatch too.

Finally there’s our existing Printer Potty kit (XP2) which is a longer term solution and more suited to end-users who don’t want to be disassembling the printer every year or so to access and replace pads.

So, how to decide which to get? Well… we put together a video that shows you each of the choices, the pro’s, con’s to each and then it’s up to you…


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