This guide has long since been replaced by the newer PX730WD installation guide for Printer Potty. This version has been retained as a reference in case it’s useful.

Note: This guide also covers the following Epson printer models:

  • PX700W, PX710W, PX720WD, PX730WD
  • PX800FW, PX810FW, PX820FWD, PX830FWD
  • TX700, TX710W, TX720WD
  • TX800FW, TX810FW, TX820FWD
  • Artisan 700, 710, 725, 735
  • Artisan 800, 810, 835, 837

This guide is primarily aimed at OctoInkjet customers who have purchased a Solo-X waste kit (released May 2011) although customers with the earlier Solo+ can still apply some of the steps to their kit (but without a part to act as the strain relief).


OK… here are the step by step instructions fitting a Solo-X waste kit to a compatible printer.


PX700 Location of the Waste Pad/Holder

Identify the Waste Pad Holder

The waste pad in a PX700 is located above the metal plate you can see in the base of the printer (left).

Remove the screw holding the tank in place

Remove Retaining Screw & Release Clip/Tab

To release the waste pad holder, you need to remove the screw (indicated left)…

..then gently push in the retaining tab using a flat head screwdriver.
Note: Don’t push in too far or hard as the tab is fragile and can easily snap off.

The location of the tab, and the hole to access it, is shown in the picture (indicated left/below)

Release catch
If required, gently prise the holder open Normally the waste pad holder will drop down once the retaining tab has released but if it needs any additional encouragement, gently prise the holder down, as shown in the image left.

The holder should then drop down as shown in the second image (left, below)

Waste pad holder, released
Gently remove the pad holder and tube from its connector

Release the Waste Tube

As you remove the pad holder you will normally find the tube pulls itself out of the grey plastic box retainer that holds the open end in position. If not, gently pull it out yourself.

Tip: The correct end of the tube is the end connected to the waste pads.

The SoloX tube part consists of two sections

The Solo-X Tube Part (quick intro’)

The Solo-X tube part consists of two sections

  • A shorter internal section with two tube connectors
  • A longer external section with an open end, clamp and green connector to hook it up to the waste tank.

You will need to take the two sections apart, ensuring the shorter internal piece retains both the tube connectors.

Disconnect the two SoloX tube parts as shown
There are two different size connectors on the internal section

Solo-X Internal tube section

As noted above, the internal tube section has two connectors, one at either end. It is important to note that one connector is slightly larger than the other.

  • The larger sized connector will join with the printers own waste tube
  • The smaller sized connector will join with the external Solo-X tubing section
    (Note: don’t join them yet – you’ll see why later)
Join large connector to the printers waste tube

Connect Solo-X Inner Tube Section With Printer Waste Tube

Having identified the correct end to use, join the inner tube section with the printers own waste tube as shown in the two images left and below.

Inner -> printer waste tube connected
Widen screw hole to 4.5mm diameter

Modifying the Case (not required)

In order to get the tube out of the printer you can either, allow the tubing to drop out of, the open area and underneath the back of the printer or widen the screw hole (the one you removed the screw from to release the waste pad holder).

If your printer is out of warranty, I would recommend widening the hole to benefit from the extra safety factor this Waste kit provides.

The hole needs to be widened to 4.5mm wide (as indicated in the image, left)

Thread external tube section through widened hole

Install the External Tube Part & Re-connect

With the screw hole widened you should now be able to insert the external section of the Solo-X tube part and connect it to the internal part as shown in the two images left and below.


Reconnect sections of the SoloX tube part
Tubing all installed and excess pulled through to outside

Tubing connected… and an Explanation

Now that you have the tubing all connected you can gently pull the whole extension back out until the connector joining the two sections reaches the screw hole.

The reason the connector is there at all is to act as a safety strain relief. It provides a solid stop point for the tubing so that the inner waste tube (particularly the printers original waste tube) does not suffer from an accidental pull, that could damage the whole waste ink cleaning system.

Only the outer tube part will be stretched or yanked.

Install the tube guide to tidy things up internally

Install the Tube Guide

The kit also comes with a tube guide which you can use to ensure the Solo-X tube part does not hang around or potentially catch in any of the gears exposed within the Waste Pad area.

The guide has two sticky pads which you remove the backing paper from and then press into position. It’s best to put the guide on the tube, check position, etc.. before removing the backing paper though.

Note: To ensure a good firm adhesion to the plastic, it’s a good idea to clean the area you intend to attach the guide using something that doesn’t leave a residue behind. Isopropyl Alcohol is best but even a bit of tissue to remove any oils from your hands/fingers is better than nothing.

Tube guide installed
All finished


With the tube guide installed you just need to put the printer back in it’s normal place and make sure the tank is firmly connected, and the tube clamp open.

It’s also a good idea to make sure there are not folds or kinks in the tubing so that ink will be able to flow to the tank.

Note: Unless you have the technical knowledge to do so, do NOT reinstall the original waste tray and pads as this will crimp the tubing and stop waste ink flowing. It is possible to modify the tray to allow for the tube but not necessary

IMPORTANT: The PX700 (and related printers) do have a secondary waste tube that is rarely used. However to ensure you do not get caught out, it is vitally important that you place your printer on some form of lipped tray or protected surface. I would also recommend placing some absorbant material (such as folded kitchen towel/paper-roll) in the area under the exposed area to catch any ink that might be expelled here.

As I’ve pointed out, this additional waste tube appears to rarely be used but if you find your printer is affected please contact me as I have a custom part that will take over. It is however, VERY fiddly to install.

Resetting the Waste Ink Counter

The oldest PX/Artisan/TX models can be reset using an Adjustment utility for the TX700W / TX800FW.

If you are in North America there is also an IPR tool released by Epson for the older models but many customers there have reported that it won’t work after one reset (if at all).

The only option for the 710/725/810/835 models is the WICReset utility which requires the purchase of a WICReset key to complete the reset.

Whichever utility you use you must be connected to your printer using a USB cable. None of the reset utilities will work over a network connection

Remember: The most up to date information on reset utilities is available via the QuickFind tool.

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