The Canon G5000, G6000 and G7000 series include waste ink pads more prone to fill up with waste ink, particularly when there have been clogging issues or priming problems.

The G5 printer Potty kit provides the necessary reset key to clear the waste ink counter along with the physical waste kit to redirect the waste ink out of the printer and into the Printer Potty tank, making it much easier to keep the printer running and free of the need to change pads in the future.

Printer Potty Kit: Duo-G5

*Please note that newer versions of the megatank printer may have user replaceable maintenance box units (eg: MC-G02) so it’s important to check that your printer is not one of those models before purchasing.

Installation Video G5050:

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Installation Video G6050:

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Installation Video G7050:

[Pending process finalisation and video shoot]

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