Sometimes when a printer has been reset in some way it hits another error code that requires you to gain access to the cartridges in the printhead carriage. Sometimes the new error blocks that so here’s one way that often works to release the carriage lock and free it up.



  • Your Epson printer is the type that uses cartridges that install into the printhead carrier (eg: XP422).
  • Your printer is currently indicating a General Error
  • You need to get the printhead into the ink exchange position so you can replace a faulty cartridge, reset the cartridge chip or similar
  • The printhead will not respond to ink change button presses, etc.. ie: It won’t move off it’s resting position.


  1. Turn the printer off at the plug socket
  2. Wait a minute or two
  3. Turn the printer on again at the plug socket
  4. As soon as the printhead starts moving (as part of its standard startup routine) turn the power off at the plug socket.

This should leave the printhead free to move manually as the carriage lock disengages briefly during startup.

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