Update: We have managed to locate a workaround that allows end-users to downgrade the firmware on P57750 printers and other HP Pro-X and Pagewide printers.

The new guide to resolve this is now up on this page.

A quick heads up as we’ve just been caught out by this with our HP P57750 printer. A firmware update that we thought we’d blocked has been applied to the printer and predictably the firmware blocks all non HP chips, rendering the printer useless.

Firmware version: MAHDWOPP1N001.2228B.00
Build Date: 2022-07-06
Release Date: 2022-08-02

This will come as no surprise to anyone who has been here before, but we thought we’d record the steps we’ve tried so far to resolve the situation (with no success):

  1. Checked for newer firmware to revert the situation.
    Result: Nothing newer available (as at 2022-08-29)
  2. Downgrade located:
    1. hp-downgrade-v4-87x.rar contains:
    2. Printer P57750dw downgrade to 1829A version
      Result: Not compatible to downgrade the latest version so this failed.


Net result is that once again HP have blocked legitimate use of purchased hardware and continue getting their wrists slapped in the US and Europe only to go and repeat the whole exercise all over again.


We thought we’d fixed this previously but may not have done so for those reading this whose printer has not already updated the firmware automatically, make sure you shut down automatic updates and/or remove internet access to the printer using your router firewall to stop the printer communicating with anything outside your network.

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