The time required to create our installation guides has changed markedly over the years and if anything things are taking much longer to create.

  1. We try to source one of the target printers by locating a spares/repair unit or (in more frequent cases now) we purchase the printer brand new (and immediately void the warranty).
  2. Working out how to fit the kit is usually the easy part with mostly around 10 – 45 minutes to get it resolved.
  3. The hard part is working out how many different ways end-users (like you, your neighbours granny, the guy who never reads instructions, etc…) can potentially misunderstand, get confused or get scared by the process.
  4. We then tackle each and every one of these points as carefully as we can so that our installation guides are as detailed as they need to be to guide 99% of our users through the process.
  5. Also worth noting that we traditionally worked on the basis that at least 70% of our potential customers don’t speak English so we’ve focused on making our instructions capture the process in annotated photos that use icons that can (mostly) be understood without English language skills.

Traditionally we’ve focused on printed paper copies of the process which worked reasonably well for years but we’re increasingly shifting over to the use of video and with each released guide we’re developing our approach, again to make things much more about demonstrating the process in full, not talking about it (and again losing our non-English customers).

And yes, you guessed it, that means we spend a lot of time on this, aspect of our product support. So, if you’ve ever wondered now you know why our products are not cheap in both quality and price.

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