We often get visitors who’ve used one of our guides to locate and access the waste ink pads in their printer and hit this problem…


User Submitted question:

Hello sir, I recently searched for the printer ink’s pads nearing end of service life help. I found out your site and the instructions you provided.

I opened the ink pads and withdrew some waste ink in there. After that I closed it up and turned the power ON. It pop-up the message the printer’s ink pads are nearing of their service life.

I tried to print a document to see if the message go away. When I click Print, the same message shown up on the computer screen said the printer’s ink pads are nearing of their service life. After few second the printer’s screen all lights are flashing with the Error message that The printer’s ink pads are at the end of their service life. Please contact Espon support.

So, please help me how could I fix this problem. Buy the waste ink kit from you, does it help to fix the problem or what?


Whilst this visitor obviously found the Modification guide for the Artisan 800 they missed the information about how the “service required” point is reached and what they needed to do to resolve it.

Our introduction to the whole “waste ink” issue helps explains what waste ink counters are and how they create this error.

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