This particular problem is one we’ve come across a few times now but never been able to identify the true cause until now.


  • All cartridge lights flashing
  • Inserting all but one of the cartridges seem to be accepted until last cartridge is inserted then fails again
  • Hot head error or CSIC board error shown in detailed error report

Suggested Cause:

  • Poor or degraded connectivity of ribbon cables, particularly to the printhead or CSIC board
  • Printhead cleaning or ink spill cleanup can result in cleaning/ink solutions migrating to the cable contacts and damaging them
  • Electrical short can cause fuse on mainboard to blow

Possible Solutions:

  • Cleaning of ribbon cables and cable receivers on boards
  • Replacement of ribbon cables
  • Replacement of CSIC board
  • Replacement of mainboard fuse(s)

Note: The CSIC board (Cartridge Contacts Board) holds the wires that make contact with the cartridge chip contacts when the cartridge is installed in the printer.


It’s important to note that this problem is something we’ve seen on a few printers but never been able to identify until now. We’ve not tested the information provided but given the difficulty in locating anything about this issue we’re making this link available in the hope that it helps anyone else who has been struggling to figure out what’s going on with their printer.

More discussion on the problem is available here:

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