This article is a best practice guide that helps us to help you get the support you need. If you provide the information suggested below we’re able to understand, research and reply to your issue promptly without needing to waste time.


So, if you’re about to ask for some support, please provide as much of the following:

General Information:

  1. Printer manufacturer and model (eg: Epson R2880, Canon Pro-100S, etc..)
  2. Detailed description of the problem
  3. When the printer last printed/responded successfully
  4. Any changes/events that have taken place since 3. (eg: changed the cartridges, ran printhead clean, took the printer apart, etc…)
  5. The actual error message (Tip: Computer screen shot or a photo of the printer screen can be a quick way of providing this info’)
  6. Order reference, name, email and/or other contact details (assuming you’ve purchased something)
  7. Any other information/context that would help us understand the situation properly

WICReset Specific info (if your problem is WICReset/Key related):

  1. Your current waste ink counter information (use Read waste ink counter button)
  2. Current status of the key (if known)
  3. Vendor you purchased from
  4. Date of purchase
  5. Last 4 digits of the key

Advanced information (not required but definitely useful!)

If you have downloaded and installed the WICReset/iWIC utility you can use the “Report” button to get a diagnostic report for your printer that includes a wealth of information. Please provide a screenshot/copy of this information if available.


Communicating by Amazon/eBay messaging…

If you purchased your Printer Potty product through a marketplace such as eBay or Amazon, it is very difficult to communicate properly via the official support/message system on those sites. Wherever possible please use the email/helpdesk support contact details provided by the seller or on our contact us page. This ensures we can share web-links, and other information that might otherwise breach marketplace policy.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this article and hopefully we can help resolve your waste-ink/printer related issue(s).


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