The WICReset app version 5.80, for Windows, is currently available with some improvements and bug fixes.

We have not released this as a full update yet as some anti-virus vendors are currently marking it as potentially malicious so we’re working to get those false positive reports removed first.

The new version is available using the following link:

Note: The links above are static for those versions only. Newer/latest versions may be available via the following links:


Please note that the Printer Potty version of WICReset is feature limited to allow us to focus on the waste ink and troubleshooting aspects that we specialise in. The main WICReset utility is available from and is much more feature rich with functionality to allow firmware reversion and restoration as well as some other changes depending on printer model and compatibility. We do not support this version ourselves but recognise the hard work provided by the WICReset development team and their full version may be of use when tackling other issues or tasks.

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