There is currently a known issue that is creating a lot of “I/O Communication Error” error reports when attempting to use the WICReset app (all versions to 5.80).

Best guess at this point is that a recent Windows update has created some form of block that is stopping the WICReset app from talking to the printer… HOWEVER, we do have a work-around that clears the block and allows the app to work.


  • You need to have installed the driver for your printer, downloaded from the Epson support website. This will not work with the Microsoft default driver.
  • As before it’s preferable to be connected by USB cable to your printer


  1. Enable Epson Status Monitor (if it’s not already).
    1. Go to:
      1. Win10: Windows > Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners
      2. Win11: Windows > Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Printers & Scanners
    2. Locate your printer
    3. Left click the correct printer
    4. Win10: Choose “Manage
    5. Left click “Printing Preferences
    6. Left click the “Maintenance” tab
    7. Left click the “Extended Settings” button
    8. Locate the “Enable EPSON Status Monitor 3” option
    9. Make sure this box is ticked (if it isn’t already)
    10. Left click “OK
    11. DO NOT close the “Printing Preferences” window (you’ll need it again in a minute)
  2. Now click the “EPSON Status Monitor 3” button
    (This will open the status monitor)
  3. Close the Status monitor window
  4. NOW you need to disable the Status monitor by:
    1. Go back to the “Printing Preferences” window “Maintenance” tab
    2. Left click “Extended Settings
    3. Locate the “Enable EPSON Status Monitor 3” option
    4. Make sure this box is now UNTICKED
    5. Left click “OK” for the two windows
  5. Now you are ready to try connecting and using WICReset to communicate with your printer as normal

Additional Steps:

We also found that in some cases it’s necessary to disconnect the USB cable on the printer and plug it back in, or uninstall the printer driver and then reinstall it again to get the above to work.


Something in a recent Windows Update seems to have created a block or problem that stops connections between the printer and computers but asking Status Monitor seems to communicate with the printer seems to work.

Ongoing investigation and Long Term Fix:

We are actively working with the developers of WICReset to get this issue resolved and while we don’t yet have a proper fix it may be that Microsoft have introduced a bug that they fix themselves. There is no specific “update” that has been identified as the root cause and if you haven’t updated your Windows operating system recently you may not be affected by this issue.

Additional Support:

As ever if you’re stuck and need further support then please contact us assuming you have purchased from OctoInkjet or any other reseller/partner for Printer Potty. We’ll do our best to help you get things working again.

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