• Connection to printer via WIFI
  • Attempt to reset waste ink counter (using WICReset)
  • Error: “Query is rejected


  • Temporarily connect to your printer using a USB cable
  • Re-try reset process (it should now work)


It seems that Epson have been updating firmware on some printer models recently and while we can only assume at present it’s a response to potential security issues, the updates from late 2023 are affecting the WICReset ability to reset the waste ink counter over a WIFI connection with an error:

Query is rejected

While frustrating for anyone who only connects via WIFI, the simplest workaround is to connect your computer to the printer using a USB cable and then reset via that connection.

NB: You may have to uninstall and then reinstall your printer driver to restore connection to your printer using WIFI.


It is also possible to resolve this by using the 2manuals version of WICReset to complete a “firmware update” that downgrades to an earlier unaffected firmware version (more info). Worth noting however that this requires a USB cable anyway and does carry some risks. As a result we recommend resetting using a USB cable to connect to the printer instead.

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