When it comes to resetting the waste ink counter on Epson inkjet printers there’s a lot of confusion about what options there are, which utilities work with Mac, require a key, cost money and more besides so here’s a detailed introduction to the different ways to reset the waste ink counter on your printer.

Buttons on the Printer

This method is very old but does work for some printer models including the R300. However, unless your printer is ancient, it’s unlikely you’ll have this option.

SSC Utility

The SSC Utility was developed by a group of Russians under the SSC Language Group and while the web site and tool are is still available neither is being actively updated. The utility does still reset a number of older printers but again newer models just aren’t compatible.

IPR tools

Presumably, in response to a class action in the USA, Epson America started releasing Ink Pad Reset (IPR) tools for owners of their printers, but these are limited to models release in  North America and also come with some limitations and pitfalls.

Adjustment Programs/Service Utilities (AdjProg)

AdjProg utilities are effectively the same service utilities used by Epson service centres to calibrate, diagnose and otherwise fix issues with their printers. While not intended for use by end-users, copies are widely available for various different models and until recently they include the necessary functions for resetting printer waste ink counters.

Worth noting that recent printer models such as the higher end XP and Workforce WF models have AdjProg utilities in circulation but these now lack the necessary functionality to reset the waste ink counters.

WICReset/iWIC (Reset keys)

Many Epson printer owners investigating the topic of waste ink pads and counter resetting come across the WICReset tool and the idea of purchasing a “key” to facilitate this. Often this idea is extrapolated out to include other utilities and is the primary reason for this article.

The iWIC and WICReset tools are written by a third party group along the same lines as the earlier SSC utility but unlike all other utilities they have incorporated a charge to help cover research and development costs. When you consider the sheer number of printer models now being released (over 500 to date) you realise this is no small feat.

The keys themselves are much like CD keys used to authenticate software/games and they are only required when you wish to reset your printer waste ink counter. One key is required for each reset.

In terms of printer compatibility the WICReset/iWIC tools cover more than any other utility to date including a number of new models such as the XP405.


NOTE: Operating System compatibility

All of the existing tools with the exception of the iWIC utility are Windows compatible only. Windows 8 is currently proving unable to use many of the utilities but Vista and Windows 7 can often use any utility provided they are run in compatibility mode (WinXP SP2/3).

The iWIC tool is intended for (Intel based) Mac OS machines although a newer version OS is required. More details on Mac options are available.

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