Updated: March 16th 2015

While not all Linux OS distros are covered the WICReset team have released a version for 32 and 64 bit Debian Linux which is available using the following download links:


Unless you are a Linux hacker able to tweak the code on the above, there’s still no options for other distro versions.

Some experimentation has been attempted using emulators, etc.. but the hardware interaction required to reset printer counters, is rarely supported and frankly is more effort than it’s worth.

We strongly recommend using the work-around(s) suggested below to save your sanity, hair and avoid blood pressure spikes.

Workaround options

Our standard recommendation is that you borrow or purchase a windows capable laptop with Windows XP, Vista or even Windows 7  installed, install the relevant printer drivers, and then reset the printer using WICReset (or an alternative utility, if available).

You should be able to find a suitable laptop for very little money from a computer repair shop, charity shop or simply by asking friends, work, etc..


Note: A waste counter reset (once powered off and on) does not need to remain connected to the computer used to reset it.

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