Last Update: Feb’ 5th 2014 12:00GMT
As promised we’ve had further information regarding the WICReset service failure which was apparently down to a substantial hardware failure. The system required a complete restore of the server to new hard drives and took quite a while to fix. This was completed yesterday but obviously the situation is being monitored to ensure nothing else is lingering in the background.


Posted: Feb’ 4th 2014 17:25GMT
The WICReset service has now been restored and appears to be working again. No reason has been provided for the outage as yet but this status will be updated once details have been provided.


Secondary issue: Feb’ 4th 2014 09:50GMT
It appears the problems have re-appeared although we have no specific time on when things crashed again. The server is currently offline and we will update as soon as things become available again.

Service restored at 17:25GMT same day.


Original issue: Feb’ 3rd
At 13:00GMT (Feb’ 3rd 2014) the server that provides verification for the WICReset and iWIC reset service was unavailable.

Service was restored around 16:00GM on the same day.

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