You may have been issued with a key that is no longer being accepted.

In most cases this is because you’ve used the key some time ago and don’t remember doing so.

To check, please use the “Check Key” functionality in WICReset/iWIC to retrieve the record for your key.


However, if you have received this message:

Invalid key.
This key has been deactivated.
Please, contact support to reactivate it.

OR you certain the key has not been used by yourself, please contact your original key supplier, providing the following information:

  • Original order reference
  • Name and/or username the key was purchased under
  • Date if possible
  • The first and last 4 digits of your key
    (eg: 1234******ABCD)


It’s possible your key was cancelled and a new one issued* so the information you supply will allow a replacement to be supplied if your situation is applicable.

Please note suppliers can only issue replacements in specific circumstances. It is not for bargain hunters or those who wish to try a blag a freebie.



*Cancellation and re-issues may have been deemed necessary due to being sent to more than one customer or instances where a key may have been compromised.

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