Update: 30th August 2020..

Earlier concerns that there was a bug in the 5.58 update were quickly resolved. It turned out to be problems with the Windows 10 feature update which broke a number of printer related functions for some time.

Update: 6th June 2020.. 

Please note this version appears to have a bug that is affecting a number of end-users… We recommend uninstalling and downgrading to version 5.53 which you can download here

The issue has been reported to the developers and we’re hoping to receive a fix soon.


We have now completed a switch to the Printer Potty brand which allows the utility to support other waste kit resellers without confusing anyone with other OctoInkjet information.

The new update includes a series of newly supported printer models and links to Printer Potty specific resources (although keys are still sold from the OctoInkjet site for now).

As before, other advanced functions such as firmware downgrades, etc… are only available via the 2manuals.com utility versions (These are available directly from 2manuals.com).


Note: This version changes the utility name and installation directory so any older OctoInkjet versions will remain installed and available. We recommend you uninstall the older utility manually as the older version will automatically attempt to upgrade each time it is run.


The new versions are available using the following links:

Note: The links above are static and newer update may be available as follows:

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