Wherever possible we release video instructions for the different MacOS versions for those of you trying to get your printer reset using the iWIC (MacOS) version of the WICReset utility.

Installing and using the WICReset app on MacOS (ver 14) Sonoma 

Our updated guide covering the new OS version with its updated system preferences menu layout

Installing WICReset (iWIC) on MacOS (ver 13 and before)
Covers the common security errors and instructions for resolving these messages to install the utility successfully.

Using WICReset (iWIC) utility on MacOS
Covers the installation, running and use of iWIC to read and reset waste ink counters plus some of the other functions available in the utility.


Monterey 12.x Specific issues:

We’ve recently learned that MacOS version 12.1 onwards has changed a few things that make it difficult to allow the iWIC app to work with this operating system. Thankfully there is a fix and we’ll get this as a video of our own in due course but this video below provides the basics albeit a bit garbled and not as easy to follow, but it should work.

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