Some years ago Epson America released a tool usually with the prefix IPR (for: Ink Pad Reset) that could reset the waste ink counter on a number of Epson printers released primarily in North America.

The reasons for the release of this tool were almost certainly in relation to a class legal action although the target of said action and reasons for this reaction are not known the response and tool release were localised to North America. Other Epson sales zones or corporate entities in other countries have refused to develop, release or discuss such a tool for use by their own customers but this may have been a blessing given the following.

Further Tool Releases

Epson does appear to be releasing IPR tools for its desktop printers after a 12 – 24 month period from the affected models initial release but with each release seems to be additional “development” that further limits things.

Newer releases seem to be unable to reset the waste counters more than once (if at all) whereas earlier models like the A10_IPR seemed to have some re-use potential.

Waste Ink Counters are not reset to zero

Based on observations by various end users it seems the IPR tools are intended primarily to free up excess waste pad capacity that conservative limits would otherwise leave unused. The same logic was applied to cartridges after Epson was hit with legal action after it was discovered that ink cartridges were being left with significant levels of ink unused while showing as “empty”.

Printer Error not always recognised by IPR

There have been numerous reports of users attempting to use the IPR tools on their printer but find the tool refuses to complete any reset because it does not recognise the waste pad error being given by the printer. A classic Catch 22 situation that may be caused by the existence of two different counters and pad areas. Either way, incredibly frustrating to be given two conflicting diagnoses.

Use of IPR may disable other utility options

At present this is just a theory but it’s possible that use of an IPR may actually stop other reset utility tools from working. An example of this is the Workforce 840 which appears to be blocked from using the WICReset successfully if the IPR tool has been used previous to that.


So, to summarise, the IPR tools available from Epson America may look like a great option but you may wish to consider alternative options/tools as a longer term solution, even though they may cost.

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