C-ARES DNS Resolution error. Channel is being destroyed.
Could not identify IP address of the remote server.

This problem often comes up where firewall software on the computer has decided that the WICReset app/utility is potential malware and is blocking access to the internet.

To fix this issue usually the fix is to disable your systems firewall temporarily while you complete the reset process and then re-enable once complete.

Some specific instructions for known software provided below:

Bullguard Internet Security / Premium Protection

  1. Open the main Bullguard window
  2. Locate and click on “Settings
  3. Click on “Firewall
  4. Look for “Turn Firewall Protection on or off” and the green switch to the right.
  5. Click on the switch and it should turn red indicating that the firewall is turned off.
  6. Complete the WICReset reset process.
  7. Once finished, turn the firewall back on.



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