Because the WICReset utility now supports connection and reset functionality over WIFI, we are frequently asked “Why do we still recommend using a USB cable connection to reset and not WIFI?”

The reason we strongly recommend a USB connection for the waste counter reset is that the reset process writes a value to the printers memory and like any firmware update, if that the process is interrupted at a critical juncture it could result in the printer being left non-functional.

A USB connection is hard wired and aside from someone bumping into the physical wire or a power cut/outage happening, there’s little chance for the process to be interrupted. By comparison WIFI connections suffer from more interference, connection drops, etc… which makes them less reliable and thus there’s more potential for that interruption and damage.

It’s worth noting that there is still minimal risk and your WIFI connection may well be reliable enough that you aren’t concerned BUT a USB cable reduces that risk so you need to choose.

Note: We only recommend a USB cable for any function that involves writing values to the printer (ie: resetting waste ink counter). Any passive/read functions like “Read waste ink counters” or “Status” doesn’t write to the printer and can be used over WIFI without causing problems.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

  • How do you switch from WIFI to USB connection?
    Your computer should have the necessary driver installed to recognise your printer as soon as you connect it by USB cable. It may create a separate instance (copy) of the printer on your computer.
  • Can you switch back to WIFI after using USB to reset?
    Tip: You may find you need to download and reinstall the printer driver or wifi connection utility to reconnect to the printer via WIFI.
  • Does the printer have to stay connected by USB cable if reset using a USB cable?
    No. Once reset the printer will connect as before using USB, WIFI or even network cable (if able).
  • Which USB socket should I connect the USB cable to?
    The USB socket will be located in the rear, often the left side (when viewed from front).
  • Can I use the USB socket in the front of the printer?
    No. That socket is called a PictBridge port and is only used for printing from cameras and USB memory sticks. It is also the wrong port type.
  • Which USB cable type should I use?
    USB A to B type is the standard type.
    Type A end -> Computer
    Type B end -> Printer
  • Does WICReset work over wired network (LAN)?
    No, not that we’re aware of.


Hope the above helps clarify the reasons behind our recommendation and provides some useful information for some of the common questions we get asked.

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