The Epson Stylus RX500 can be reset using the printers own button panel using the following process:

  1. Screen reads “Printer error-see your documentation or call service if necessary“.
  2. Turn printer off.
  3. With the printer off, press and hold:  B&W + Color + Stop + Load/Eject + Power (on/off)
  4. Continue to hold them down until the red light (!) starts. flashing (otherwise you’re just turning it on).
  5. On screen message is “Init. EEPROM
  6. Press the Color button, upon which the screen adds to the message “push power sw“.
    The printer will now power/turn off.
  7. Wait a few seconds.
  8. Press On button.


Alternative approach for Overflow Counter:

  1. From the off position, press and hold: Setup + Clear + Power (on/off).
  2. Screen display’s “COPY ENDURANCE“.
  3. Press the Select > a couple times until it gets to “Rst. Ink OFC“.
  4. Press the Color button.
  5. Clean/soak up ink in sponge (inside far left).
  6. Follow the screen instructions and to exit and shut down the printer.

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