When trying to open/run or install the WICReset utility on a Windows you keep being redirected to the Microsoft Store with a message “The app you’re trying to install isn’t a microsoft verified app”.


Your Windows App settings are set to install from the Microsoft store only and because the app is not officially recommended/verified by Microsoft you’re being blocked.


On your windows PC do the following:

  1. Click the windows/start icon (bottom left)
  2. Click the “Settings” cog icon
  3. Click on “Apps”
  4. Locate the section near the top-middle of the screen that says “Choose where to get apps”
  5. It probably says “The Microsoft Store only (recommended)” at present
  6. Change this to:
    • “Anywhere”
  7. Close the “Settings” window and try running the WICReset app again.
  8. Once the WICReset utility has been installed successfully you may want to revert the setting back to what is was.


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