If you are attempting to use WICReset, iWIC or the Debian equivalent utilities via a protected network such as a school, college, etc… then the following information should help you (or your IT support team) to create the temporary access rules required to enable the utility to work.

Server/IP: resetters.com /


  • 23457 (TCP) for reset key authentication and functionality
  • 80 (TCP/HTTP) for Database and RSS feed updates



If you intend to use the utility for network discovery of printers (not recommended for any reset or firmware downgrade functions – Use a USB connection instead!) then you will need to open the following ports on your computers own firewall to allow discovery of any networked printers.

  • 3289 (UDP/ENPC)
  • 161 (UDP/SNMP)
  • 515 (TCP/LPD)


IMPORTANT: Security is still essential and on a maintained network such as a school (or even your own systems) we wouldn’t recommend leaving these ports open indefinitely. Instead use temporary access/rules or ones that can be enabled/disabled as required by a sysadmin.


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